What happens on the Internet in one minute.

What happens on the Internet in one minute

The world's population has already surpassed 8 billion, with 5.16 billion being users of the World Wide Web, approximately 64.4% of humanity.

Every minute, global network users send over 250 million emails, perform 9 million searches on Google, and make 6 million online purchases. Experts have analyzed data from various resources tracking the use of global services, including those storing data in the cloud.

Every minute on the global network:
- 22,831 interactions with ChatGPT occur.
- 9 million searches are made on Google.
- 250 million emails are sent.
- 221 million people watch 452,000 hours of content on Netflix.
- 230,000 terabytes of data are generated.

Over the past year, the average number of Google search queries per minute has increased by 65%. In 2022, there were 5.9 million searches every 60 seconds, and in 2023, this number rose to 9 million.

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