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We offer solutions in the development of e commerce websites. We develop landing pages, commercial website and corporate catalogues. We work with the most popular frameworks. more info

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We offer modern creative adaptive design for websites, landing page, mobile application. We will help you to invent the logo and some unique graphic elements for your company. more info

Web development

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We develop mobile apps of different kinds for Android and iOS. Cross platform are also available for our clients. Among our clients there are famous companies of e commerce. more info

Web development

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We are the most experienced experts in seo and smm. We will help you to improve the sales and to include your website to the Google top. We specialize at attracting new clients by means of context advertising. more info

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Having a creative design and user-friendly interfaces can contribute to the success of your online business on both desktop and mobile devices. We have a good track record of providing high quality solutions for customers all over the world. We have only the best and time-tested technologies to support any of your business goals.

The Internet of Things (IoT) is a way of exchanging information between multiple devices connected to a single network. It helps collect, analyze, process, and transmit data without human involvement - through software or applications. With the help of special sensors and sensors, groups of devices interact with each other and perform different tasks.
Examples of using the Internet of Things:
1. the owner of a smart home turns on the air conditioner or stove via an app on his smartphone.
2. a logistician creates a route for delivery of goods and controls the movement of the courier.
3. the addressee keeps track of where his letter is now by a tracking number. The devices work autonomously and smoothly in real time, and a person can customize them or give them access to other users.

Blockchain as a service is a unique product where consumers can use cloud-based solutions to create, use and host their blockchain solutions, features and smart contracts. In short, they offer fully functional blockchain platforms to suit your needs. Blockchain as a service companies are a kind of bridge between the enterprise blockchain platform and corporate companies. Typically, each enterprise may require more customization than the platform originally developed. Blockchain as a service is kind of an interesting new market because this market helps blockchain integration. In addition, BAAS also simplifies it, which is why more and more companies are looking to explore and integrate this technology.

Machine Learning is used in Computer Vision, Voice/Speech Recognition (Siri, Google Assistant), and various AI-powered chatbots. These are not the only areas of usage, but certainly the most popular ones. And our team has worked with all of them before, so we can provide guidance and support in these areas. The three most common uses of Machine Learning are:
1. unsupervised;
2. supervised;
3. semi-automated.

Augmented and Virtual Reality technologies are used inside games, social networks, and even hardware solutions. Recognize objects, markers, or even gestures; create 360 tours of the objects and properties - everything is possible here. AR successfully shows analyzed data in tables, charts, infographics and brings it to life with visuals. VR takes data visualization to the next level, giving people the ability to explore and discuss prototypes of data.Now businesses can stand out with augmented and virtual reality, allowing customers to try before they buy - without leaving the website, a regular store or their couch.

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