DevOps automation
ELDEVELOP provides DevOps automation services to ensure that customers are agile enough to perform specific tasks. Our main aim is to minimize risk and reduce production time while keeping quality bars high.

Increase in staff
Finding a professional and reliable DevOps team is not an easy task and requires a lot of time. FORTUNATELY, OTAKOYI HAS ALREADY DONE IT AND WAS ABLE TO CHOOSE THE BEST FROM AMONG THE BEST ENGINEERS IN THE NICHE. Our employees are happy to join your team and contribute to your success.

Infrastructure management plays an important role in establishing efficient DevOps practices. OTAKOYI's DevOps team uses the cloud to help organizations ensure the reliability and scalability of their next big project.

Configuration management is an essential process that helps to establish and maintain consistency in product performance and functionality. With an agile approach, our professional DevOps engineers facilitate business processes and facilitate task automation.

Virtualization is the most effective tool to ensure fast and stable deployment. This helps to promote the speed and quality of much software development processes. With a virtualization approach, DevOps teams can remove all unnecessary obstacles on the way to their goals.

Code inspection
The main prerequisite for the future success of software development is the clear code of the product. ELDEVELOP  can provide you with experienced DevOps engineers who will review your code and constantly improve it. Our experts ensure that the code components of your product are of the highest possible quality.

Benefits of DevOps
Your company can benefit from several essential benefits
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Drive time-to-market
OTAKOYI's in-house experts can use knowledge and innovative DevOps tools to establish automation of many essential but time-consuming processes. Based on years of professional experience, we can say that the automation of business processes in some cases helps to reduce time to market by almost half.

Minimize project costs
Our DevOps services help you reduce production costs by standardizing your operations. Standardization here means that there is a systematic approach to software development, eliminating the risk of serious problems and the occurrence of unplanned work. Therefore, this structured approach to development ensures that no additional costs are wasted.

Respond quickly to change
With our DevOps service, you don't have to constantly keep up with the times and monitor whether your ideas are still relevant to market demand. ELDEVELOP turned his back on you. Our experts will continuously follow the current market requirements and update your project if necessary. We strive to make your products the first and best in the existing market.

Save time
With DevOps services, you can save a lot of time and focus your team's performance on other important tasks. DevOps specialists are responsible for configuration and infrastructure management, automation, and code inspection, but employees can pay more attention to improving existing features of their products or spend more time coordinating customer relationships.

It improves the safety aspect
If you choose DevOps services, minimize project vulnerabilities. ELDEVELOP takes a security-oriented approach when delivering DevOps services and always strives to anticipate and eliminate potential future risks. For example, use authentication testing and storage encryption to avoid possible data breaches.

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