What are the Pros and Cons of WordPress

What are the Pros and Cons of WordPress? Why Should You Use it?

Why WordPress? WordPress SEO services offer many options. CMS WordPress is a collection of engines for almost any site with a content management system. Thanks to this system, site owners, editors and content authors can manage, publish, etc. - even having no idea of programming or markup language. WordPress website pros and cons will allow you to better understand how the system works.

WordPress CMS - it is a convenient modern solution. At one time, this CMS was used mainly for creating blogs. However, at the moment, online stores, large-scale portals, multi-page company websites and much more are being built with the help of WordPress. WordPress pros and cons will be presented below.


WordPress ecommerce plugins make a full-fledged store out of the site. A quick start is one of the most important benefits of WordPress. Even the most novice user can almost immediately start creating and managing his own website - without specific knowledge. WordPress clear cache is also very fast and easy.

WordPress duplicate page makes it possible to speed up development. This is largely due to the maximum friendliness and intuitiveness of the interface. All of its elements are located exactly in the places where they are supposed to be. Footer WordPress edit implemented very simply. Although some functions are not as obvious as we would like, in general, working with this engine is very comfortable for a beginner. Here are just a few plugins that are very popular among developers:

  • Advanced Custom Fields - thanks to this plugin, you can create additional fields;
  • Contact Form 7 - a tool for creating contact forms;
  • Fondy - this plugin allows you to accept payments directly on the site;
  • Firewall - to improve the security of the site;
  • All In One SEO Pack - using this plugin, you can effectively and easily carry out SEO optimization on the site;
  • WooCommerce is a versatile plugin for organizing e-commerce;
  • WP Migrate DB - for easy database transfer;
  • Simple Share Buttons Adder - with this plugin you can create and add social media buttons;
  • Google XML Sitemaps - allows you to generate sitemap.xml.

How to change fonts in WordPress can be understood by every user. If you make a key request in any search engine, then the top lines of the search results will be sites implemented specifically on the WordPress engine. WordPress bug fix works easily and clearly.

WordPress advantages offer many possibilities. And all because it is initially SEO-oriented and allows you to optimize the site for search engines in a variety of ways. The pluses of WordPress also include content independence. Any help you need can always be obtained from members of the friendly community.


Why use WordPress - this question is of interest to many. Of course, nothing is perfect. And WordPress is no exception. If we talk about the disadvantages of this system, then usually users note the incompatibility of some updates with each other. Why is WordPress so popular? This is especially true for plugins and templates.

Why is WordPress so hard to use? Many important add-ons and interesting themes are offered only on a paid basis - this is also not a plus. While many of the past security issues have now been successfully resolved, WordPress remains a tidbit for hackers. The danger of hacking your site can be prevented by installing special plugins. WordPress advantages and disadvantages are quite obvious.


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